Help Bring Softball Back to the Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is reshaping the lineup of core sports participating in the Olympic Games. This is our chance to bring Softball and Baseball back. In May of 2013 the IOC will be making a decision on what sports to recommend for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games and in September of 2013 the decision will be finalized.
Please help us by passing this petition on to every one you know.

Mr. Jacques Rogge – President
International Olympic Commitee (IOC)
Mr. George W. Gowen – President
U.S. Olympic Committee
Mr. Don Porter – President
International Softball Federation
Mr. Ricardo Fraccari – President
International Baseball Federation

Softball and Baseball are played in over 130 countries on five different continents,
attracting 700 million fans around the world, ranked as one of the top 10 most popular sports worldwide.
Softball and Baseball rightfully deserve to be part of the Olympics.

We, the undersigned, request the sport of Softball to be re-instated for the Olympic Games.

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Thank you for your support

Delaware Cobras