About Us

We are a highly competitive team of fastpitch softball players, coaches and parents.

Our mission, to teach the value of success through the spirit of good sportsmanship, hard work, determination and dedication.

Our goal is to build a highly competitive softball team whose players exhibit the effectiveness of teamwork through good attitude.  Provide an atmosphere for advanced student athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem, and personal strength.  To compete at the highest level and provide our players with the opportunity for growth, advancement and success in future pursuits.  With an emphasis on encouragement, dedication, academic excellence, good sportsmanship and positive behavior.

Email decobras18u@ymail.com to contact us.


 2014/2015 Delaware Cobras Teams:

18u Gold – Ziemba
Head Coach – Joe Ziemba-
16u Gold – Farrell
Head Coach – Joe Farrell
Delaware Cobras 14u – Black
Head Coach – Jay Thuer
Delaware Cobras 14u – Green
Head Coach – Rocky Lano
Delaware Cobras 12u 
Head Coach – Rich Edwards
Delaware Cobras 10u
Head Coach – Michele Whitley